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Re: [Ech0] Features for Fedora 10 Beta

Andreas Nilsson wrote:

The reason for my concerns was because some kind of predictability in the look of feel across distros was the reason Mozilla agreed to do Linux visual integration in the first place (the alternative was keep on using the WinXP style). http://www.beltzner.ca/mike/archives/2007/10/11/giving_the_penguin_a_makeover.html

Predictability can only be achieved by having everyone adopt the same look which I don't think is going to happen. What you really want is integration instead.

Mozilla integrates well with the current theme (atleast for GNOME and Xfce) which is what we really want ISV's to be doing as well. You can clearly see that the current icon and set is being used by Firefox in the different screenshots from Fedora, Ubuntu etc. If they don't do proper integration and simply copy and use some icons, I would consider this a con for the ISV's.


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