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Re: [Echo] New trash related icons

On Sat, 2008-09-20 at 11:55 -0700, Luya Tshimbalanga wrote:
> These icons fail to impress. The original version for Diana is still
> better by far.
The problem with Diana's version is usability. Due to the chosen colour
combination and shape it's pretty hard to make it look crisp and
distinctive in smaller sizes.

So I decided to try metal/blue glass combination for the trash icon with
more traditional shape. From usability POV it's indeed by far better
than Diana's design, but as you noted the current incarnation fails to
impress. I neither want to go with this icon (as is now), nor with
Diana's design. It's an early "research" design that follows our current
Echo style very closely and is very distinctive, though simple-looking.

I'd like the broader audience here on art list to comment on it, improve
it and finally come to some design that would satisfy both our usability
needs *and* our wants to impress.

So basically my intentions with this very icon is to think about it more
deeply, throughoutly and collaboratively because it's an icon that has
very wide usage.

Take my design as a trigger for such discussion. Note however that it's
by no means necessary to fix this icon in time for F10, we still have
much of work to do on icons that are missing altogether, it just
happened that I had the idea now so in order to not forgot, I put it

If this discussion dies too fast due to lack of our present time, I'll
bring it up again after F10 is released.

> Luya

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