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Re: [Echo] New edit-clear icons

On Sat, 2008-09-20 at 16:00 -0700, Luya Tshimbalanga wrote:
> Martin Sourada a écrit :
> > Yeah, that is much better. Could you add some outline to the stripe as
> > well? Also you could make the handle a little bit broader in the smaller
> > sizes. Could you try using dark brown outline instead of the metallic
> > one? I think it might work better.
> >
> > Martin
> >   
> Icon updated with following suggestion:
> - Added outline on stripe.
> - Used dark brown outline instead metallic.
> - Broader handle on smallest size icon.
> Luya

Oops, I forgot to actually reply to this... sorry about that :)

Looks pretty good now, though at 48x48 the stripe border looks blurry
and in smaller sizes it's not visible at all (but that does not matter
much). On the 256x256 the stripe outline could be thinner and

The shadow is too intensive, decrease the opacity and it should be good
enough :)


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