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Re: R: Re: Round 3 theme and fedora-fr community

Den 22. sep. 2008 10.07 skrev Marco Mornati <mmornati byte-code com>:

I read all comment on French Forum...

Just a point... I noticed that there are some "problems" to have a
Katana on a desktop and there were a propose to change with something
like bamboo... I think that a substitution of katana with something
different (different than an arms) change also the meaning of the
"invinxible theme"...

I'm also in agreement with vote with solar and invinxible in the first
two positions! ;)

Invinxible is by far the nicest theme in my opinion. I don't really see a problem with having a nice katana on the desktop, the katana when invented was a marvel of technology, like Fedora is today.

I have showed the invinxible theme to many people and not one has replied negatively in any way, artistically or as a result of offence over the motive.

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