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Re: Game graphics needed - Project: Starfighter

Hi Hans and Nicu

See the 2 ships that I drew for the Starfighter game. Later sending the other conceptual images and avatars.

When to conclude the other ships I will generate one pixel art to see as they are the sprites in the compiled game.

I can publish in wiki of the project to starfighter my progress?


Erick Goes

On Wed, Sep 17, 2008 at 10:58 AM, Hans de Goede <j w r degoede hhs nl> wrote:
Nicu Buculei wrote:
Erick Henrique wrote:

Hi Hans


AFAIK, Hans is not subscribed to out list, so you may need to add him to CC: (or just use the "reply all" button).

Correct, I didn't see the original mail thanks for CC-ing me.

Then, we need to redesign all the graphs of the game and will use in a version 100% free under GPL, including the sounds and music. Correct?
I go to unpack the archive starfighter.pak and to study a form of I redesign everything in a new style.

Unpack the tar.gz.

Is up to you if you want to redo all the graphic set: 176 images, but some are really simple and some are just left-right mirrored.
I guess it may be simpler to start from scratch than learning a different style.

You could create wiki for me, please, Nicu. Who more goes helping in them in this mission? =)


For example, joining the archives of sound and musics that will substitute the originals of the Starfighter project. I will make the drawings.

As I understand, the music and sounds are already taken care of, probably resolved.

No they are not already replaced, but there is plenty of experience in replacing troublesome sounds and music within the Games SIG and there
enough places were one can get music and/or sounds matching Fedora's Licensing guidelines.

So one the graphics are done I or someone else from the Games SIG can easily replace the sounds and music with something we can ship.




About recreating the .pak file I need to write a little utility for that, hopefully I'll have time for that this weekend.

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