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Re: Round 3 theme and fedora-fr community

Luca Foppiano wrote:
I completely agree! Sometime I don't understand which is the real goal:
find *the best* fedora theme or do whatever to try to denigrate the

We have had egregious violations of copyright and image licensing in the past, due to a misunderstanding of licensing and copyright law.

A big reason for the Fedora art team producing its own work is that we can be confident that the artwork in Fedora is openly licensed and freely distributable. When artwork that is not properly licensed is thrown into Fedora, it not only goes against the guidelines of Fedora but it entirely defeats the purpose of us creating our own artwork. Part of the stated purpose of the art team is to create artwork that can be freely re-usable. Artwork that incorporates other works that have a restrictive license cannot meet this goal.

We are as strict on this license policy as any other team is strict on code licensing. There is no special treatment here.

I certainly hope a theme with questionably-licensed imagery does not win the vote. If it does, I will be up all night every night this week re-making the artwork to make sure our artwork can be Free. I am sick this week so a series of late nights will not be good for my health.


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