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Re: R: Re: Round 3 theme and fedora-fr community

Hi Samuele,

Samuele Storari wrote:
I'm little sad about our discussion.
I think everyone loud his voice more than necessary, the only problem with my image is the hilt?
Ok, but why waitin the last day to say it?

Nicu and I brought up our concerns with the licensing of this imagery weeks ago, so please do not pose this as your artwork being questioned at the last minute. This is clearly evidenced in the mailing list archives.

I *TRUSTED* you when you assured me weeks ago that you had changed the photos to a properly-licensed photo. It appears that you did not. I am very disappointed and angry right now.

I worked a lot for adv agency and I know the prob with copyR, I really do my best to create something usable and free, I'm new to the concept of FREE in the open source and I think (maybe wrong) that my work will work right (sorry for bad grammar).

This is irresponsible and unacceptable in any venue, not just one where Free artwork is to be produced. This is no more acceptable when creating closed-license artwork. While I have never worked for a professional design agency, as a former teaching assistant I know that students in design programs who violate licensing like this can be giving a failing grade for their class, if not expelled from school entirely.

Sorry if I same like vinegar today but i fell under attack and i try to defend my self.

We are not attacking you personally. You are attacking us personally.

I'm glad u like Solar.
I think we (all) have to take this discussion as a new start.
Maybe I wrong, maybe U (not U u...) are wrong, I work alone and maybe I do some error. Next time I will be glad if someone help me.

I would find it a lot easier to work with you if you didn't get offended when I asked how you did something so I can work on your artwork. I would also find it a lot easier to work with you if you didn't make all of the offensive statements you've made here and if you had not completely violated my trust.

It will definitely take quite some time for me to feel less hurt over this.


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