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Re: R: Re: R: Re: Round 3 theme and fedora-fr community

On Tue, 2008-09-23 at 09:33 -0400, Máirín Duffy wrote:
> Samuele Storari wrote:
> > U can exclaim exactly what do u want.
> > 
> > "Part of my idea come from part of that image. YES"
> > U use the round 1 image.
> > 
> > Other?
> > U know what's the problem?
> Yes, I do know what the problem is: you appear to be taking Fedora's 
> license policies personally.
> Please don't.

Yes, remember that the Fedora stance on freedom is there to make sure
that anyone who receives Fedora can also modify and redistribute it to
others.  If our content violates that precept, it means we've failed our
users.  I'm sure that Samuele doesn't want that to happen.  If he can
use his actual photo or some other free element to replace the katana in
the image, there's not a problem.

(There is the question of the images hosted on the Fedora wiki that
include this non-free stuff, but we can handle that separately.)

> > Since the first round u try to push my works down.
> > InvinXble, Solar as same, everyday every single day since some months ago but I made all u request to continue work.
> > Where's the problem? U talk about work togheter?
> > Yes! U work togheter to don't let me work.
> What are you talking about?

Yeah, I don't get this at all.  I *love* Solar and have been saying that
since it was first introduced!

> > Nobody except for the great guy using my work for the plymouth screen try to collaborate, I do my best really, really my best.
> > Collaboration is a great word.
> > Nothing nobody do nothing for my proposals, a banner, a test, a little test, nothing.
> And you did NOTHING on anyone else's proposals either. Collaboration is 
> two-way.
> I actually did do some work on Solar because I liked it, but you seemed 
> to get extremely offended when I asked how you created part of the image 
> when I was working with it so I backed off and never posted my work.
> > I have only criticisms on my works strange kind of collaboration.
> Wow, this mailing list and all the forums are filled with praise for 
> your themes, yet you are unsatisfied?????!!
> > We have to create something in 3 round to partecipate to the final voting, but where's the 3rd round of gears?
> > Where're something new?
> I worked on gears. I decided to stop working on it because I liked Solar 
> and wanted it to win.
> > I keep my mouth shut up to don't exclaim: no shit. :D
> > The problem isn't my work, the problem is that never been a contest, it is only a fake contest.
> I'm sorry, I find this extremely offensive as well. You are full of 
> vinegar today aren't you?

Let's all take a moment to cool down a bit.  Samuele, maybe we haven't
done a good job explaining all the requirements for free art in Fedora,
or why we have those requirements.  I'd be happy to help explain that
further if it doesn't make sense to you.  Or if there's something you
disagree on, let's talk about it.

Honestly, there's only a few things that need to happen:

* Replace any non-free elements with free ones.  Really, the original
artist should take the opportunity to do this rather than have the task
fall on others.  But there's no reason it can't be a team effort if
Samuele asks for help.

* Fix the wiki to remove any non-free stuff, with an appropriate note of

* It would be nice if we knew the actual source of the image instead of
guessing.  What if it's actually free, and we just don't know it because
we don't know the source?  Until then, we have to assume it's not, of

Paul W. Frields  (Sorry to open the can of worms this morning.)
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