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Re: Policy on works using unacceptable licenses?

2008/9/23 Máirín Duffy <duffy fedoraproject org>
David Nielsen wrote:

I would favor option 2 with the understanding that a proper policy be written and must be agreed upon when submitting artwork for Fedora in the future.

I don't understand. This is the case today. We've had a clearly written policy on our wiki page for at least a year now, and anyone submitting anything to the wiki has agreed to the CLA.

What next steps would you suggest here?

Well as it seems we have two potential violations something much have gone wrong, I suggested in another thread that we might supplement the policy with examples of things to avoid. I suspect short of requiring a full audit trail for all submissions with ample documentation we will always see these slip ups, humans being fallable and all, but we might be able to minimize them by giving good examples of things to consider before submission. The human mind is apt to not thinking through all the scenerios that might create problems so helping it along is probably a good idea - sort of a "before you submit your work, did you check a,b,c,d....".

- David

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