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Re: Legal issues with InvinXble? (there are some)

Ok, ok, I am sorry, you proved me partly wrong, my bad. I still feel
awkward about the whole discussion, but Mo is right there (I am sorry
for my accusations). I looked into the sources and while the blade has
been changed I believe it is directly based on Samuele's own photo, the
tilt is from same photo as is used in kill bill.

Samuele, I've got some questions, if you answer straight (without any
personal offends taken) I believe all the issues could be fixed

 1. What is the source image for the katana's tilt? (layer Da Sword
copy) We just need link to the source image, if it is appropriately
licensed than it's OK, if not, than we just need to find another image
that is OK to use for source.

 2. You haven't said where the petals are from. Did you make them
yourself, or are they from another image? Could you provide link to it
if that's the case?

 3. It has been pointed out, the moons are still present in the Solar
source, but I don't see them in the final images. I think the best
solution would be to just remove them from the XFC.

Sorry, if I was too hasty and you are already working on fixing these :)

Mo and Nicu, I'd like to apologize for accusing you from being biased
and pointing out outdated issues. It was me who was wrong and I should
have checked the sources first. While part of the sword was replaced,
the tilt was indeed from the same source image and I was wrong in
arguing otherwise. I am sorry if I sounded in the mail as accusing you
from being the *cause* for this problem. There has indeed been some
"social" misunderstandings on both sides, but your points stand correct.


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