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Re: FedoraQA Art Request

Thanks María,

I do like the bug shown in the second example.  But I also like how the
second example is spread out and makes full use of the space in the
banner.  The second example seems to jump out of the page a bit more,
perhaps just using more contrasting colors.

After taking into account Nicu's suggestion, my preference would be the
first logo (http://tatica.org/tux/FedoraQA.png).

Many thanks!

On Tue, 2008-09-23 at 15:15 +0000, María Leandro wrote:
> Hello!
> I was reading the Artwork Design Service and some ideas came up on the
> FedoraQA open request. I was talking a little with jlaska at the IRC
> channel and this are two propositions. (draws).
> Hope some like it :D
> http://tatica.org/tux/FedoraQA.png
> http://tatica.org/tux/FedoraQA2.png
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