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Re: Echo vs the destkop

----- "Martin Sourada" <martin sourada gmail com> wrote:

> Apart from that, while gnome icon theme strives to be default icon
> theme
> gnome-wide, echo would like to be default fedora-wide (in the
> future).
> It has the caveats that we need to maintain some amount of
> compatibility
> with both gnome icon theme (gnome default) and oxygen icon theme
> (KDE4
> default) to keep the "dissonances" low. Also it has the pros that we
> can
> better focus on covering fedora/redhat specific apps, like
> system-config-* that the other icon themes are overlooking/ignoring.

I like the idea of Fedora-wide icon theme and Echo icon theme. It can 
cover differences between Gnome & KDE in the future and as you said we
need it for system-configs and other Fedora related applications too.

> Martin
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