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Re: [Echo] New system-run icon set

On Wed, 2008-09-24 at 03:04 -0700, Luya Tshimbalanga wrote:
> system-run is an action icon hence the use of table perspective
> following the guideline.
> It is derived from emblem-system, one gear is used instead of three like
> some other icon theme.
> 16x16 and 22x22 should be crisp enough. Comment welcome.
> Luya
> Reference:
> http://luya.fedorapeople.org/echo/actions/

The icon looks generally good (and crisp), but I have some comments.
First the metaphor - can you try to fit there more than one gear? Or
maybe you could try similar metaphor like oxygen theme uses (gear with
"play" symbol inside). The current single gear variant looks IMHO too
much like settings or something... 

Next is 256x256 version - you might want to redo the 3-D part to make it
look more echoey. Just take the front face and redo the rest and it
should be fine I think. I mostly don't like the outline around the hole
and you should use 1px wide (or if it's just the outline and bellow all
other objects, 2px wide because only half of the width is actually
visible) semitransparent outline to keep in sync with other new icons.

Finally, the shadow - in 22x22 it is too small and in 32x32 it seem a
little bit off. You can use similar shadow I used for the go-* icons or
the dialog-* icons.

It should be possible to make the gears both smaller and still
recognisable by reducing number of sprockets.


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