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Re: [Echo] New system-run icon set

Martin Sourada a écrit :
> The icon looks generally good (and crisp), but I have some comments.
> First the metaphor - can you try to fit there more than one gear? Or
> maybe you could try similar metaphor like oxygen theme uses (gear with
> "play" symbol inside). The current single gear variant looks IMHO too
> much like settings or something... 
Added a second gear.
> Next is 256x256 version - you might want to redo the 3-D part to make it
> look more echoey. Just take the front face and redo the rest and it
> should be fine I think. I mostly don't like the outline around the hole
> and you should use 1px wide (or if it's just the outline and bellow all
> other objects, 2px wide because only half of the width is actually
> visible) semitransparent outline to keep in sync with other new icons.
I forgot to shrink outline to 2px which has been addressed.
> It should be possible to make the gears both smaller and still
> recognisable by reducing number of sprockets.
Done for 16x16. Need to see how it looks on other screen.



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