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Re: Echo vs the destkop

Andreas Nilsson wrote:
If the system -> Administration looks out of place with the rest of the system, does it help to introduce another icon style so the rest of the system looks out of place instead?

But Echi is not going to be used exclusively for the Administration menu, but for the entire menu, so the icons will be consistent.

A icon set is a mighty beast, bigger than it might appear at first. It have taken about 3 years for the 6-7 core icon developers upstream (with several others occasionally helping out) to where it is now. We're welcoming all interested contributors to help out upstream with open arms. I've had a very good experience with working together on with Fedora developers in GNOME and would love for more collaboration to happen.

Hopefully, we can leverage your experience and make use of the useful things you discovered, like the one canvas workflow or some icon metaphors and don't reinvent the wheel, just paint it differently.

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