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Re: [Echo] New system-run icon set

On Thu, 2008-09-25 at 12:52 +0300, Nicu Buculei wrote:
> Having the second gear smaller is a suggestion I wanted to make but I 
> was shy about it: it was late in the discuss and I may sound much like a 
> whiner which contribute only with words and no actual work to the icon 
> set...
Don't be shy about that. Suggestions and comments are also welcome
contribution, if you are not confident enough to draw the icons
yourself :-)

> So +1 from me
> There is still a minor observation: in the 256x256 version it looks like 
> the small gear is not on the same plane with the other, like it is a bit 
> backward, so maybe raise it a bit (overlap more the two gears).
Hm... I didn't want the gears to touch, and being slightly apart, it
creates the unwanted effect of not being on the same plane...

> > Reference:
> > http://mso.fedorapeople.org/echo/Actions/system-run.svg

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