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Re: Solar final fixing

Hi Samuele,

Samuele Storari wrote:
Hi all,

as today told on irc channel (#fedora-art) I've uploaded on fedorapeople.org an archive with screenshots attesting my work is now fixed so there will be no problem about any part of the file.

You will find all at: http://sstorari.fedorapeople.org/

Please check this out and if all is correct i will go on creatin the Solar Theme.

It is quite obvious you have done a lot of work here to retrace and document carefully your steps and I really, really appreciate that. You've done a tremendous job!

I walked through all of your screenshots. My main question (which I asked you earlier on IRC but I don't think I got a response from you on) is where did the original flare bitmap that you traced come from? I feel a little nervous about giving you an okay when I don't know the source of that bitmap, because I do not want to encourage tracing of unknown-licensed works.

I think in some cases using a photo or other work as a guide can be ok, and you've certainly done some manual work in tracing it and applied to the solar graphic so that it's not that recognizable. However, I do want there to be some recognition that at least in spirit it's a bad practice to trace other people's work like that (if it is another person's work). This is especially true if you plan to publish your tutorial on doing the flare to a wider audience (which I would love to see you do! It's very useful :) ) I would really encourage you to cite that image in the tutorial if so. If the image it's from is not openly-licensed, I would encourage you to modify the tutorial such that it uses an openly-licensed photo.

I know this may seem very strict and perhaps it's overly so. But I think you have to be VERY careful, especially in a tutorial setting when you are setting an example for others, to send the right message. Being very responsible and clear about your sources can only set a *good* example to your audience.

So here are just two things I'd like to hear from you before I give you my approval on this:

- Can you tell us the source of the flare bitmap that you started from? (I considered that perhaps you created it on your own, but it would be rather recursive to create it, trace it, and then re-create it - wouldn't it? So I assume it came from elsewhere. Where?)

- Can you provide the final XCF? I would feel a lot more confident giving you my approval if I had the chance to look it over beforehand.

Again, this is a tremendous effort on your part Samuele, thank you so much! I'm really looking forward to working with this new improved Solar artwork so I can start creating banners for fedoraproject.org and working on the disc and disc sleeve artwork! :)

I hope this mail isn't a discouragement to you; it's obvious you have a lot of talent and I think you will be a very valuable member of the art team!


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