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Re: Solar final fixing

Hi Samuele,
Hey Samuele!

Samuele Storari wrote:
Hi Màirìn

About the sources (XCF) they was already online on the Solar page i've uploaded it yesterday, I forgot to say it, sorry :D
And about the Image i used in the background of my tutorial it was a part of solar created followin' the instruction I shown you in this other Tutorial:


I wanted to recreate a new effect so we can certificate the image now is totally cc, made by zero.
The problem with the past effect is that unfortunately I can't certificate the originality so for don't fall again I do it by new.
The past effect after the start tutorial here above where masked, scaled, rotated and merged in gimp, as the same for the vector.
Why I use Inkscape in the yesterday tutorial? 'Cause it's nice to change :D, and 'cause make it again usin' the brushes will take so much time more.

Than I hope here we are, sorry for the misunderstandings we have had.
I hope to see your works soon.

Oh okay, this is great - thanks for your patience! It's early morning here, I'll be able to look over the XCF later today to give you final approval. So far it's looking really good.


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