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Re: a couple of ideas about fedora usb station

Luca Foppiano wrote:
I draw a couple of idea about fedora usb kit
...this email was sending by my hand without I finish to write it... :)


...I forgot to ask you few question...what do you think?
I want to explain the relationship between the "Fedora usb station" and
"the fedora usb kit" :-)

I think I have to make my icons more homogeneous but my problem is how
increase the beauty of the group shape.

What I don't like about the group shape is the color: it is on top of the icons and it change their color. Maybe put it under the icons?

Also I am not sure the box is useful for the drawing, of course the stuff is put on a box and one may consider the pink group shape as a metaphor for the box, making the icon redundant.

I know this may be some work, but how about a icon for the final result, Fedora USB station? That would be the computer icon with the poster on front of it and maybe a cable going from one to the other.

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