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Re: Solar final fixing

So if you will do something for the GRUB SPLASH I will dedicat my time to the Solar Poster?


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Subject: Re: Solar final fixing

Hi Samuele,

Samuele Storari wrote:
> Hi Mairin 
> I'm replaicing right now all the materials,
> I changed some little things on the Solar Login and on the User Icon was changed too.
> Side Bar and the Welcome splash was changed too, just a little.
> All the Dual Format wallpaper still waitin to be finished, and right now I'm doin' something for the Splash. This time the progress splash will have some modify just cause when I was re-doing the sun last week I don't draw all the side of the Sun so it can be not rendered a little transparent as the past version.
> If you have some other correction I'm here.

Right now I'm working with the wallpaper XCF, cleaning up the layers so 
I can make a grub splash.

The stars I think are a little messy/unrealistic so I'm creating some 
hopefully better ones.


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