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Re: [Echo] New image-missing icon set

Martin Sourada a écrit :

Something's strange, not sure what though. Perhaps you could try to make
the "X" read instead of the paper and use semitransparent/greyscale
image below it on the paper to suggest that it's a (missing) image? Or
perhaps try different metaphor? The gnome metaphor seems more suggestive
to me than bluecurve (red X on a paper) or oxygen (red cancel sign on a
I will make gnome version for comparison.

Also, since you are reworking first of the many icons containing the
paper, it would be nice if you provided a template with only the paper
on it, you can call it e.g. paper-template.svg or whatever. It would
help in the future with finishing most of the mimetypes icons. We could
add it to the guidelines. :-)
Good idea. Now that you mention it, once we complete 0.4, I will create template
for emote as well.
Also the echo-new-icon script is set-up to look into ~/Templates for
echo-one-canvas-template.svg first before using its own template - it
really helps when creating bunch of icons all containing the same part,
like envelope or paper ;-) I'll probably add a --template=PATH switch to
some future version so that you can provide your own template without
having to copy/rename it...


Ah, I did not known  that one. Does script support the xdg path i.e., in my case, "Template" folder is translated into "Modèle"?


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