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Re: Another Solar Update & remaining F10 release tasks (volunteers needed!)

Máirín Duffy wrote:
Jaroslav Reznik wrote:
I'm taking KDE splash but I'd like to cooperate with gnome-splash
and of course with Samuel. Now when we are going towards seamless
boot would be nice to have 'seamless' art during boot.

What do you mean by seamless boot / seamless art? Do you mean plymouth?

Seamless is supposed to be the transition from GDM to the GNOME desktop, yet another reason to remove the GNOME splash... but I also don't know about KDE.

Seamless *boot* would be if also Plymouth would use the same background image as GDM and the Desktop (with a progress animation), which I understand is *not* the case. And also seamless boot would be if we would use GRUB2 with the same background image as Plymouth/GDM/Desktop, which is also not the case (but we have the bits to make it possible). Ah, I forgot: also the screen not flickering when transitioning from one of those steps to another.

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