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Re: Another Solar Update & remaining F10 release tasks (volunteers needed!)

Nicu Buculei escribió:

And I think it will work only on select AMD graphic cards.

I think it is actually AMD and Intel graphics cards which support this (AFAIK mode setting was recently added to the ati driver, and it has been present for a longer time (since F9) on the Intel driver. Support is driver dependent rather than "hardware" dependent, but yeah, only a couple drivers currently support it.

now we can have consistent look from very first time of boot to desktop.

I think we have at last one mode change, from GRUB to Plymouth (that is, on supported cards).
The way I understand this, is that there actually is a change from text (in end Grub uses the same graphics capabilities as the BIOS) to the kernel mode setting when the kernel loads (and before the rest of the services start), currently in any Fedora release you can somewhat see this "transition" if you set a VGA accelerated mode as a command line argument (such as vga=791 in F1 - F8 or vga=823 in F9, which causes the kernel to use a framebuffer of 1024x768 in size at 16-bit color depth), there is a brief print-out of the GRUB arguments for the selected while the kernel loads before you are presented with the graphics (the penguin(s) at the top-left corner) and smoother letters, bigger size, etc. I'm not all that familiar with GRUB2 and if would require the same kind of drivers as the mode setting feature of the kernel. My guess would be it wouldn't since it'd be running prior any kernel (and hence drivers) are loaded, so it may very well rely only on the VESA capabilities of the cards, but again, I don't know for certain... Will have to take a look.

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