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Re: F11 visual concept idea - greek

Martin Sourada wrote:

Anyway, see the concept more like "I think the olive tree would be good
if it were placed here, there I'd like some log, ..." and as a base for
further development, should we go with this approach. Though I fully
realize that making 3D-looking art with perspective purely in inkscape
isn't an easy task.

I like how you put the elements in the image and the ability to play with them (move, resize, etc.) I also think we *wont't* manage to come with something realistic made completely with Inkscape, so we may have to go with either photomanip and a realistic look or drawing and stylization.

BTW, I guess not all of us noticed the cool and related 3D design posted by Mola on IRC: http://mola.fedorapeople.org/fedora_river_004.jpg - awesome, but still not realistic enough IMO.

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