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Re: Fedora 11 & The Antikythera Mechanism

Frank Murphy wrote:
Olga Segou wrote:
I would like to recommend the Antikythera Mechanism as a possible theme
for artwork... What is so great about the Antikythera Mechanism?

* It fits within nautical and greek themes (as it is a navigation device
built in Greece)
* It is the first mechanical computer, a device ahead of its time

The problem I see here is, without the explanation
most users will just see a geometrical shape and go, huh!
As there will be no text on the graphics.

Methinks that people seeing the Antikythera Mechanism would go like "so they got back to the steampunk theme they scrapped for F10?"

Whereas the columns can be recognised as classical.

I think so, the columns are easier to recognize.

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