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Re: Fedora Bangladesh Logo

Ashiqur Rahman Angel wrote:
I am a Fedora Ambassador for Bangladesh. Also I am working as team leader of Fedora Bangladesh (Fedora local community team for Bangladesh). I already have took permission to use the trademark logo. And I have made a logo for our local community to use on our websites, banner etc. I tried to follow our logo usage guidelines. However, let me know, if anything is wrong with the logo. Or you can help me create the logo for our community.

Ups, my bad, I should have not let such a large attachment in, my bad...

Angel, when you send such a logo for preview, you can safely use a smaller resolution, not a huge image. You can also send a vector version.

Other than that, no much to talk about it, it is just the the Fedora logo with the word "bangladesh" below it... I think I would try to use another shade of blue, one of the two blues used in the logo, maybe make the width of the "bangladesh" word the same as the width of the bubble and increase the thickness of the font by adding a stroke in the same blue color as the text body.

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