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Re: F11 wallpaper mockup proposal

Paolo Leoni wrote:

Follow a simple greek-related idea...it could be useful like a "basis"?


I think is a bit too simplistic to go with a photo converted to grayscale and then colorized blue.

Also, it was discussed a few weeks ago that we don't want to go with jut a ruin and send the wrong message about Fedora being a ruin. If we are going to use some ruins, they have to be accompanied by other elements, like growing vegetation and such.

The original image was downloaded from here: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Parthenon_from_west.jpg The license seems to be compatible with "fedora using"...if I don't have a mistake.

The license is fine (PD), but IMO the photo is not that great: it has very aggressive JPEG compression resulting in a very noisy background and the framing do not allow for wide screen cropping (we would have to cut from important parts of the image).

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