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Re: Doubt related to the project related to Starfighter!

Hi,I am Richa Malhotra.I am very much interested in the project for making graphics for a game named Starfighter but i have many doubts regarding it!Firstly i dont know that what all graphics are actually required for it,although i have an idea that we need to make graphics for space-ships and character portraits,but still i dont have that clarity that what all is required??

Have a look at the 'gfx' directory in the data tarball: http://people.atrpms.net/~hdegoede/starfighter-data.tar.gz

The graphics beside ships and portraits are trivial: arrows, bullets and a few icons.

I don't think anyone (beside probably the original upstream author) can give an exact account - and probably neither him can do that, the graphics were made/collected a long time ago.

And I also need to have a look at the original version of the game to have an idea and when i tried to install the game by "yum install starfighter",i wasnt able to and why would i be as its not available due to non-free graphics.

It was removed from the distro as we can't knowingly ship software without a legal license. You can download a generic rpm from the project's website: http://www.parallelrealities.co.uk/projects/starfighter.php

Waiting eagerly to start contributing!!

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