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Re: Art ideas for Fedora 11 (grub, boot, splashes, window decorations, button styles etc...)

Mark wrote:
So a new theme would be welcome. Why not on the FC1 - 4 releases
(blue/purple like) which fits the name perfectly. Blue/purple is like
the ocean (oke, more blue then purple).

Are you talking about just the colors of FC1-FC4 or the actual theme? And are you talking about the *artwork* or are you talking about the GTK/metacity etc?

I am just talking about artwork here....

But one other theming thing... what about those rounds? and the
deadlines? I would like to mock something up but anything in the next
few (2 till 4) weeks is probably not gonna work for me because of a
school project.

We aren't doing the rounds anymore. We are all going to work together on one design so our energies aren't split and we can work together more. I am at fudcon with John Poelstra right now working out the deadlines. So far it is looking like:

20 Jan - Fedora Alpha release
01 Feb - Visual concept for F11 decided
01 Mar - First draft wallpaper ready to package for Beta
10 Mar - Beta Freeze
02 Apr - splashes / rest of artwork done for packaging for preview release
14 Apr - final freeze
28 Apr - preview release
26 May - final release GA

And what about that brainstorming session.. which irc channel will it
be? when will it be held?

We can do it right on this list. We're doing it right now :)


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