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Re: F11 Schedule

John Poelstra wrote:
Hi Everyone,

As Mairin mentioned on the list, several us met at FUDCon to fine tune the release schedules for each of the teams. Our ultimate goals is to make the release process smoother and better coordinated so that the hard work everyone does is recognized and included in the release on time.

My first draft of the art schedule is here:

Here are a few questions I had while working through the schedule:

1) Shouldn't there be a milestone for choosing the final icon theme and "look & feel" for the release like preferably at Beta or Feature so there is time to tune and clean up for GA?

If Echo is again proposed as a feature as it was for F10 then I would say that should operate under the guidelines for proposing features and follow those deadlines.

2) Is it a correct assumption that the splash screens are completed after the wallpaper and most likely based on the wallpaper?


3) On Sunday we discussed the banners that need to be created for GA. I caputred them in the following way, but need more clarification:

We said there are three banners for GA:
  a) large banner
  b) "the release is out, go get it"
  c) release name on start.fedoraproject.org

  Q: where are the banners for #a and #b displayed once finished?

a & b  are displayed on the front page of fedoraproject.org

We also said that all of the banners need to be translated.
  Q: does this apply to only #a and #b or does #c apply too?

It depends on the particular design. At a minimum, #a will have a tagline that goes with it that needs translation. (eg right now we have "Fedora 10 - Fire it up"


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