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Re: Fedora 11 Alpha - release banner

Paul W. Frields wrote:

Our complementary font used for our artwork is the MgOpen Modata font,
and in this font, the numeral "1" has quite a bit of space around it.
That means that the number "11" as in "Fedora 11" looks very oddly
spaced compared to other text elements.  Wherever we write "11" I'd
recommend that people use the manual kerning (?) function in Inkscape
to move these numerals closer together.

Yes, it is called kerning and is easily adjustable in Inkscape (Alt + < to decrease the spacing and Alt + > to increase it) and in Gimp (where we have a text spacing spin button).

If we can do this in a standard way, that's fine -- or if we just
leave it to the eye, expecting that if it's way out of balance someone
will identify that problem and tweak the design, that's fine too.  I
just thought it was worth mentioning as we head into the time where
people are working on banners that might include "11."

While in Gimp is easy to remember the value from the spin box, in Inkscape you need to look at the SVG source to know the exact value, so I guess we'll have to go with the eye.

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