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Re: Wallpaper survey

On Fri, Jan 23, 2009 at 11:26:17AM -0500, Máirín Duffy wrote:
> Hey folks,
> In case you didn't catch it on planet Fedora, I have been
> running an informal survey of the desktop backgrounds folks
> are using (getting responses from both Fedora and GNOME
> community members.)
> I've gotten a LOT of replies, check them out:
> http://mihmo.livejournal.com/68292.html
> So far as I've been able to read through them, they seem to
> fit into 3 categories:
> - #1 stick with the default (distro default or desktop env
> default) or flat solid color
> - #2 personalized no matter what (photos they took
> themselves or photos of family members) or a photo of an
> interest hobby (racecars, bikes, hometown, etc)
> - #3 beautiful pictures of nature, usually with some depth
> So I think as we are still thinking about our approach to
> F11, we should think about these wallpapers that folks are
> actually using and try to create something that they will
> like having as their desktop background as much as possible.
> #2 would be impossible for us to do, but #3 we can most
> certainly do.
> Looking at it this way, maybe for the wallpaper we could
> have a beautiful landscape with maybe some Grecian elements,
> maybe ruins of Grecian columns or a garden stylized in a
> Grecian way (maybe with some sculpture) and maybe we could
> follow the Golden Mean in laying out the elements of the image.
> What do you think?
I knew you did that for a reason. ;)

However with the Grecian columns and stuff we need to be careful of not
looking "ancient", as some might say, but instead looking functional,
practical, etc.

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