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Re: Wallpaper survey

Máirín Duffy wrote:
Hey folks,

In case you didn't catch it on planet Fedora, I have been
running an informal survey of the desktop backgrounds folks
are using (getting responses from both Fedora and GNOME
community members.)

Adminning around my group I found two interesting themes that people like (apart from the usual).

1: A picture of their actual desk. With their notes and scribbles and pieces of equipment and such. This looks really good. I encourage people to try it.

2: Four bold colour landscapes or even just solid colours for each time of the day (morning:blue, noon:white, evening:red, night:black). That way they know what time of the day it is (PhDs can not tell the time of day) and what time to go home. Much brighter than the ones by default. Interestingly they like to do this by overwriting the default background png files (in this case the FC8 infinity ones) rather than making a new xml. They generally feel that the default ones are not different enough to tell apart, but that might not be a bad thing.

These are not necessarily the ways we wish to go with the default background but just to answer the enquiry.

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