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Re: Updated EDU SIG Artwork Request

Nicu Buculei wrote:
María Leandro wrote:


I think there is still some room for improvement, hope you don't mind (I got a few colleagues upset with my direct criticism at a photography course I am taking these days): - the rays of light are under the main circle of the sun but above its rays, I think they should be under both; - the yellow pencil has a shadow falling on the blue pencil and the blue pencil has a shadow falling over the magenta one but those shadows wall in a direction opposing the direction of the light.

Other than that, my preference is for one of the first two images, having the pencils as a metaphor for "education" (the enlightenment from the light rays is also a good metaphor, but not so "in your face").

Yeah, I agree! I really like the first and the second one, though I'm still not sure, which one more - I like both. Thanks again! :)


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