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Re: Wallpaper for Beta?

Máirín Duffy wrote:
From: Nicu Buculei

There are a few things I am not happy about, like the grass not being green enough and the sky being more cyan than blue, but there is time for those after the Beta.

It started out a lot more green & cyan (see Mola's original mockup, bottom here: http://mola.fedorapeople.org/gimp/view/)

I know Mola's images, we talked about them on IRC before he mailed to the list.

But trying that as a wallpaper, it was way too intense and contrasty / distracting for a wallpaper. :(

You are right, Mola's colors are too saturated and won't work for an usable desktop (and also don't look very natural either).

I tried a quick trick starting from one of Mola's images (attached): decreased the saturation and increased the lightness a bit, the colors are closer to what I have in mind (but I should have applied the lightness/saturation operation separately to the grass and sky).

The hard reality is an wallpaper like this will be inevitably compared with the default Windows XP wallpaper, which had set a standard in people's minds: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Windows_XP_SP3.png

But as I said in my previous mail, those are small details we can worry about post-beta.

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