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Re: theme song

On Wed, 2009-03-11 at 16:11 +0530, Subodh wrote:
> Do we have something like a theme song for fedora? Either lyrics or a 
> composition?

I'd like to ask about sounds like the start-up sound etc. Is there any
room for additions? or even improvements/changes?

>    I am a composer/arranger and have my own home studio setup. I can 
> work things out if some collaborates for the lyrics and ideas.

Sounds great! I got some music skills (compose and play) too. I haven't
uploaded my work yet (I will soon)...Which software do you use? To be
more exact, do you use open source software in Fedora? I use Ardour (for
mastering), Zynaddsubfx (just excellent!) , hydrogen and Qsynth (poor
quality sounds), all collaborating beautifully thanks to JACK. In
proprietary and generally in software, I guess there is nothing better
than Reason 4. 

Konstantinos Antonakoglou
PGP key: 0xC9E2E16B
<anton cost gmail com>
constanton @ Freenode

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