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Re: theme song

> Do we have something like a theme song for fedora? Either lyrics or a
> composition?
Sounds like a good idea (after some are working on a picture book that
would be the next step I guess).

Some ideas:
* make it under the cc licence
* compose and buidl it over the Internet
* we have the 4 Foundations - lets try to implement them
** friends (eg. fedora grooves from around the world)
** freedom (eg. the theme itself...)
** features (eg. I myself have some experience in Studiomusic, maybe I
can ask some international known guys...)
** first (eg. the first Fedora-album?!)

I also think of ideas like a contest. Like http://www.openmusiccontest.org/
* musicians from all over the world could send files
* a jury of e.g. some of our developers and others select some
* Artwork from inside...

mit freundlichen Grüßen / best regards
Henrik Heigl - wonderer fedoraproject org

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