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Re: theme song

Konstantinos, Nicu,

Hello there. Yes I am already almost done with a new sound theme which I am soon gonna upload at the people.fedora space. Get ready to bump me with critics :) . I intentionally did not refer to any standard or base sound theme, as I wanted just to put in whatever I feel it should be like. And to an extent, with the local reviews it seems that the sound is a bit different from the regular themes. The start-up theme is important here because its like 50% of the whole theme. I am still working on it and in about a couple of weeks I think it should be ready if all the packaging and all goes well.


Nicu Buculei wrote:
Konstantinos Antonakoglou wrote:
On Wed, 2009-03-11 at 16:11 +0530, Subodh wrote:
Do we have something like a theme song for fedora? Either lyrics or a composition?

I'd like to ask about sounds like the start-up sound etc. Is there any
room for additions? or even improvements/changes?

Back in August-September someone (Chris Norman) tried to come with a sound theme, which obviously for a first try was not that great and we were lousy with feedback and discouraged him.

From my experience, a new sound theme should be *really great* in order to surpass the opinion that we should stay with the upstream default no matter what.

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