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Re: New Concept for F11 King

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Samuele Storari a écrit :
| Hi guys,
| I want to submit a new concept and a new layout for this F11 release, seeing you a little stuck on the current landscape theme,and I hear a lot of rumors about "Windows-like" layout.
| So I created a new theme based on the meaning of the name: Leonidas come from Lions and Leonidas was a king,so why don't use another king?
| This graphic proposal is about the proud and the glory for being a king and the subject is shouting:"The King is here!".
| I know that there's a lot of work to do, (banner & much more), but I wanted to share this concept, and get some feedbacks,before moving on.
| If you are interested we can make togeather all the things needed for this release.
| I really hope you enjoy this, and let me know your opinions.
| You can see the image here (Gimp source in the same page):
| https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Image:King_1920x1200.jpg

Very interesting wallpaper. Like other people, I wonder if it is a bit late for Fedora 11 Leonidas as default. Tweaking the existing version from F11 Beta is the way to go. Otherwise, That King wallpaper should be included once licenses have been verified.

*Graphic Design course is finally completed. Yay!*

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