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Re: Plymouth "Ring" theme

On 05/18/2009 01:34 PM, Charlie Brej wrote:
The Holy ettlz wrote:

I've put together a "Ring" theme for Plymouth. It's derived from Charge
(same colours) and presents a ring that gradually completes as the
system starts, then displays the Fedora logo. Available for download


There's an RPM .spec file in the bundle.


Brilliant. You should send this to the plymouth list[1]. We probably
can't keep the theme upstream but I'm sure halfline and mccann will be
chuffed to see people already making themes.

[1] http://lists.freedesktop.org/mailman/listinfo/plymouth

Dunno, maybe he sent it there too... he is not subscribed tot he list and I allowed the message from the moderation queue, replying here just to set the CC: field...

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