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Re: [fedora-astronomy] Fedora SIG Astronomy Meeting

Christopher Hunter wrote:
> Hi,

Hey Chris,

Welcome on board! Sorry for the delay of my response, I've just spotted
your mail now.

> I trolled on at the last IRC meeting for Fedora SIG Astronomy. I should
> make a better introduction. My name is Chris Hunter, I am with IT
> support for astronomy & astrophysics at yale university, in connecticut
> usa. Our department has ~100 linux machines; 70 which are desktop
> workstations for faculty, students & research staff. We also support
> workstations at astronomical observatories in the usa and south america.
> We use linux because most research software has a history of starting in
> a UNIX environment. Our current platform of choice is scientific linux
> (www.scientificlinux.org); close second is OS X. We additionally use ESO
> "scisoft" research software packages (www.eso.org/scisoft).

Interesting, anyone who wish to try to port it for Fedora? I believe
it's not easy, maybe we can do it for Fedora 10.

> We are evaluating alternate platforms that will provide support for new
> projects such as "Virtual Observatory" tools (typically java based or
> SOA). A key decision factor will be how easily we can incorporate
> "non-free", or academic licenced software into local installations.
> I'm interested in fedora-astronomy, since fedora will give us bleeding
> edge hardware support and looks provide packaging of popular
> astronomical research software.

Nice to have your here, please come to our next meeting :) do you have
any experience with packaging?

> Regards,

Marek Mahut               https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SIGs/Astronomy/
Fedora Project                                   http://www.jamendo.com/

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