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[fedora-astronomy] new to the list

Hi all,

I have been following this project with interest for a short time. I am Systems Manager for the X-Ray and Observational Astronomy Group at the University of Leicester. We run Scientific Linux 4.6 on our desktop systems, mainly because I have 55+ systems to look after and I don't want to be upgrading them any more than every 12-18 months. Scientific Linux has proven to be very stable and trustworthy - it is of course a rebuild of the RHEL source.

A Fedora Astronomy distro 'proper' would be great, in addition to the Live
CD. Are there any plans for this? I would have to give it serious
consideration if a large number of packages that we use here are included,
such as the HEASOFT stuff, PyRAF/IRAF, and the Starlink Software
Collection. The ESO Scisoft collection would be a brilliant inclusion.
We have users with Mac and Windows laptops who I am sure would welcome the
Live CD.

I know that a few of our UK counterparts are wholly using Fedora so I will
bring the project to their attention in case they have not discovered it

Unfortunately I cannot make any meetings on Saturday due to sports
commitments but I will of course keep an eye on the mailing list.

Best regards,


Mark Mahabir (XROA System Manager)
Dept of Physics & Astronomy,        Phone  +44 116 252 5652
University of Leicester,            Fax    +44 116 252 3311
Leicester, LE1 7RH,  U.K.

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