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Re: [fedora-astronomy] new to the list

On Wed, 2008-05-14 at 08:57 -0800, Jeff Spaleta wrote:
> EPEL is meant to
> provide rebuilds of Fedora packages as addons to RHEL and its cousins,
> using the existing Fedora infrastructure.  EPEL is meant to be far
> less aggressive in terms of updates, since its targeting the
> enterprise and its derivatives including the RHEL support timescale of
> 7 years.  For Astronomy for EPEL ...

Not quite as new to the list, but lurking up till now.

I do not understand why anyone from the Astronomy SIG would be
rebuilding Fedora packages for RHEL.

As I understand the model from the Astronomy SIG, it is to write SPECs
and RPMs for Fedora, either of existing packages, or of new work; and
also provide an Astronomy spin of Fedora - kickstart file(s) and .iso
builds of a subset of Fedora, with all the packages that an astronomer
would need. And ideally these spins could be put on a live CD with
persistence. Oriented at rank amateurs (I just like to print out star
charts for when I go camping with the boys), to professional

As I understand it, this is exactly the model for special interest
groups in Fedora - get your software packaged and suitable for the repo,
and/or create .ks and/or .iso file that include some subset of Fedora
packages, including those specific to your SIG.

I do not see where EPEL comes in.


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