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Re: mock and fc5/fe5 and comps pain

seth vidal wrote:
 As some of you are aware the comps changes that anaconda wanted changed
how comps works in yum which nicely BROKE Fedora Extras rawhide builds
once the comps.xml changes landed in rawhide. So what do we do to fix

I realize this might be an odd time for me to jump into the discussion,
but a few concerns and questions leap to mind. Perhaps some of these
stem from my imperfect knowledge of the situation; if so, I apologize.

First, isn't this an odd sort of incompatibility to introduce in yum?
Even if this solution is applied in mock, that is no insurance against
further incompatible yum changes in other areas.

It seems to me that this problem could be resolved at the repo level.
Couldn't plague maintain its own copy of the rawhide repo sans comps?

I guess my points are:
1) not all mock users will be impacted by this issue (I won't, since I
generate my own repos).
2) If this change is applied in mock, it will impact mock users unless
the new behavior is optional.

Let me throw out another possibility. Add a mock config option named buildcomps containing a url. If this option is present, have mock parse that comps and issue the appropriate yum install commands instead of a groupinstall.

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