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Re: mock and fc5/fe5 and comps pain

seth vidal wrote:
Is this not a viable solution, then? Mock only needs the groups from the (fairly stable) groups repo. We could set enablegroups=0 for all the other repos and make sure that the comps in the groups repo is safe.

safe in what regard? We still need to add a bunch of intelligence to
mock, then. It needs to know how to fetch it and parse it and that's
just one more file format to deal with.

The enablegroups=0 approach is separate from my suggestion of a buildcomps config option. Unless I am misunderstanding (which I admit is possible), you could:

- set enablegroups=0 for all repos except [groups] in the yum config that is embedded in the mock config. - make sure that the buildgroups.xml in the groups repo is understandable by the yum version installed on your mock system

You still have yum parsing the comps, but it only parses one (and that one is easier to control). Since the groups repo is so directly tied to mock, it seems reasonable to expect that buildgroups.xml should match your mock/yum setup.

I do agree with your point of having to build new packages if you change
the packages in your buildgroups but one nice thing you get from this is
sign-able buildgroup specification. b/c, right now, packages can be
signed, but the groups file cannot.

Good points. I'm not 100% opposed to the fake packages, but the idea still kinda bugs me, especially if it becomes the only way.

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