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Re: bugzilla #164441 (mock-helper and basedir)

> The main reason I'd like to have an arbitrary location for buildroots is
> that in our farm system, multiple builds may be occurring on a compile
> host at the same time (e.g. one person building for a MIPS and another
> building for ARM). Having them both collide in /var/lib/mock wouldn't be
> fun. Since each architecture has it's own space on the NFS server (which
> is connected via gigabit ethernet to the compile systems), if you stay
> in your own sandbox, you don't collide with anyone else.

will the rpmdb's get created properly on nfs? I thought they went a bit

> I'm not sure I want to use mock in the same way it's used by Plague
> (i.e. clean the chroot, populate it, build one package). Since we
> currently use a custom set of rpmmacros, rpmrc and a few command line
> definitions to cross-build our RPMs, I'd rather use mock to setup one
> chroot for an architecture and then build multiple packages out of it.
> I'm not certain of that now, but that's the way I'm leaning. 

you should look at the mock config file - you can put your rpmmacros and
rpmrc specifications in to the config file and it will be pushed into
the chroot automatically.


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