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Re: Running rpmlint within mock

>>>>> "JK" == Jesse Keating <jkeating j2solutions net> writes:

JK> You should be testing your package in a local mock rather than
JK> abusing the buildsystem resources to just test a build.  We deal
JK> with this internally too.

I'm not sure where I gave the impression that this had anything to do
with the buildsystem, but I certainly didn't mean to.  I review lots
of Fedora Extras package submissions; they aren't yet in CVS and can't
possibly be built on the buildsystem machines.  I'm building them
myself, on my builder machines.  The whole discussion is about doing
something extra with mock itself, and has nothing to do with plague or
with the actual Extras buildsys.

It is for the purpose of doing more complete and accurate package
reviews that I'd like to get at the mock chroot, install a couple of
extra packages into it and run an arbitrary command or two.  This is
all running on my machines (or the local machines of the Extras
reviewers, whose lives I would like to make just a bit easier).  FESCo
has charged me with getting more reviews done and improving the
quality of reviews; this is one of the many things I'm looking at.

 - J<

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