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[ANN] plague-client++ (with proxy support)


this program is lingering around on my harddisk for some while already
and I found now time for some cleanups to announce it officially.

'plague-client++' is an alternative plague-client implementation
which uses a professional HTTP transport library (curl) instead of
botching around with python's urllib resp. with direct sockets. So,
'plague-client++' works behind HTTP proxies.

Currently, it was written completely for my purposes so it has the
following cons:

* no configuration files; it uses the default paths and urls for
  the certificates; when you need to change them, you have to edit

* no support for src.rpm or local plague operations

A snapshot is available at


or you can checkout it from the GNU Arch/Bazaar repository:

  tla register-archive ensc ensc de--fedora http://ensc.de/tla/{archives}/fedora
  baz get ensc ensc de--fedora/plague-clientxx--mainline--0.1


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