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Re: [PATCH] new pungi command line options

Jesse Keating wrote:
On Thu, 2008-10-16 at 14:08 -0500, Paul B Schroeder wrote:
In my kickstart config, the %include files are all generated in %pre
and don't exist at compose time, thus "--ignore-missing-includes".
And I have no repo lines defined in my ks.cfg either, so the --repo-*
options allow you to specify or add repo info from the command line.

 --repo-baseurl=REPO BASEURL
                       repository name and base URL to use
 --repo-mirrorlist=REPO MIRRORLIST
                       repository name and mirrorlist URL to use
                       ignore missing %include files in the kickstart

Rather than throw more command line options at the problems, I wonder if
it would make more sense to make the kickstart parsing gracefully handle
and warn about missing includes.
A warning may be better. It certainly would be better than what it does now.. i.e. errors out and fails

I also really don't like doing repo
declaration via the command line arguments, but I'll think on this one a
bit more.
Well, maybe I can make a case. ;) Without it, it becomes necessary to copy your kickstart config to a new file that only adds the repo lines. And then if you want to compose from another repo, you'll need yet another kickstart config with yet another repo line is needed.

It would be nicer to be able to maintain just one kickstart config. Being able to simply define the repo on the command line allows that.

Also, I've been doing composes out of /mnt/koji and this really helps when I want to compose agaist the latest generated repo. e.g. --repo-baseurl=f10beta "file:///mnt/koji/repos/dist-f10-beta/15/x86_64"

Paul B Schroeder <paul.schroeder "at" bluecoat "dot" com>
Blue Coat Systems, Inc.

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