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Re: [PATCH] koji: Look at tail of build/root.log

Kedar Sovani wrote:
A lot of times the purpose of looking at the build logs is to look at the error
which usually appear at the end of the log. Provide a mechanism to look at the tail
instead of downloading the entire log.  (offset = -2000 is probably reasonable
enough as a default?)

This looks reasonable, though we should probably offer the option for any *.log file from the task in question. We could just use:
 #if $filename.endswith('.log')

Also, be careful of whitespace in patches. We don't use tabs in koji. Also one line had trailing whitespace.

Please consider for inclusion.

Signed-Off-by: Kedar Sovani <kedars marvell com>

--- ./www/kojiweb/taskinfo.chtml.orig	2009-04-27 11:41:35.000000000 +0200
+++ ./www/kojiweb/taskinfo.chtml	2009-05-03 10:06:55.000000000 +0200
@@ -287,7 +287,11 @@
         #for $filename in $output
-        <a href="getfile?taskID=$task.id&name=$urllib.quote($filename)">$filename</a><br/>
+ <a href="getfile?taskID=$task.id&name=$urllib.quote($filename)">$filename</a> + #if $filename == 'build.log' or $filename == 'root.log'
+	   (<a href="getfile?taskID=$task.id&name=$urllib.quote($filename)&offset=-2000">tail</a>)
+	   #end if
+	<br/>
         #end for
         #if $task.state not in ($koji.TASK_STATES.CLOSED, $koji.TASK_STATES.CANCELED, $koji.TASK_STATES.FAILED) and \
             $task.method in ('buildSRPMFromSCM', 'buildArch', 'createrepo')

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